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Bad Medicine!!

The group’s fist real case all together. The case started with a call from Father Joe to Jack. Father Joe was very upset about one of his employees, Ann, spontaeneously combusting. Jack had no idea other than a Discovery Channel show he saw once as a kid. After several calls to various people the entire group assembled at Father Joe’s church. Southminster church21
Father Joe recounted how his secretary began complaing of feeling very weak and tired over the past 2 weeks. They left this morning to get some lunch and as she stepped into the sun she combusted and burned to ashes within a few seconds.
The group leaves the church and goes to speak with Ann’s roommate, Autumn. She is reluctant to speak with the group until Emerson Matthew Tremblay convinces her of his Warden ties. Autumn also relates that she has been feeling sick and gets worse when she goes outside. After some more discussion with Autumn, the group finds out that Ann and Autumn were in the same ParaNet Acountability Group(PAG). Hearing the news about Ann troubles Autumn greatly. She tells the group of how one of the members of her PAG had become very sick, but nothing like what she and Ann had. Merian started loosing weight rapidly, forgetting who people where and who she was, and even falling into a coma. All the other members of her PAG (Kyle, Trevor, Ann, Autumn, and Adam) began conducting a ritual that Kyle had run across. The ritual involves drinking some of Merian’s blood and taking the sickness into themselves. Since the sickness was taken into 5 people, it was one fifth of its strength. This weakened state allowed the individual’s body to destroy it naturally. The ritual had been done once a week for the last 3 weeks and Merian had shown amazing improvment.
The next stop for our group was a discussion with Kyle about where he found this ritual. Kyle was fortunately not at home. A search of Kyles home turned up a semi-secret door with a fairly powerful ward that blasted the group for a moderate amount of stress and a couple of mild consequences. The door led to a round room with a gold circle laid into the floor. A search of a desk revealed a stone knife, a bowl, and a black ceramic bottle of blood. Reading through the book revealed the ritual Kyle was having the group perform. Instead of illness and sickness the spell was prepared for ‘weaknesses’.
After some tiring questioning and research it was found that Kyle frequented and paid for a warehouse. The group arrived at the warehouse just as Kyle’s car was seen driving into it. As the group was attempting to stealth in they were ambushed by Kyle’s true master, Malvo a black court vampire!! The fight that ensued almost killed Emerson Matthew Tremblay, but the combined evocations of Emerson, Jennifer Taylor, and Placeholder_Pete_Cervasio were too much for him. A search of the warehouse found Kyle dead next to his car. A search of the warehouse found a briefcase in Kyle’s trunk. Inside was a silk towel folded around a ring.
The Rest Of The Story
The ritual was actually using Malv’s blood and transfering his vampire weaknesses into the group. The key to this ritual is that the person drinking has to volentarily take in the weakness. The group was volentarily taking in “Merian’s” weakness, but Kyle did not want the weakness and therefore suffered no ill effects. As there is no cure for vampirism the remaing PAG members will have to deal with there weakness to sunlight and strong faith. As for the ring and whether Malvo was working aloone or as part of a black court scheme we’ll have to wait and see.

Significant Milestone awarded.



Bad Medicine!!

Test worked

Bad Medicine!!

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